CALL FOR EVIDENCE Medicine mechanism task & finish group

Posted by 2563 on September 20, 2017

CALL FOR EVIDENCE Medicine mechanism task & finish group

September 20, 2017 at 6:26 AM

Message from BAA Past President Jagjit Sethi:

So what would you say if Clinical Scientists in Audiology were allowed to supply and administer audiology specific medications under a patient group direction (PGD)?

Simply put, a PDG is a legislative process which allows non-medical staff to supply and administer specific medications. You may be aware in your organisations where currently some nurses, AHPs and other professionals do this as part of their clinical roles. 

Well I and a groups of fellow clinical scientists (CS)  are currently working with  the Chief Scientific Officer’s Office at NHS England to pull together a case of need for state registered CS to be able to do just that.

But, I need your help for ideas on cases/pathways where you think CS in Audiology  administering meds under a PGD would help you to improve pt care, quality and experience.

Currently we have pulled together case studies for otomize sprays in ear care clinics an antiemetic such as Buccastem in BPPV/VR pathways. 

Are there any other area you feel where CS; if allowed to supply and administer meds, would be beneficial?

At this point I should point out that legislatively PGDs can only apply to state Registered professions such CS under HCPC. We tried to argue for audiologists on other registers but to no avail unfortunately. Having said that I would point out and encourage those who are eligible through equivalency do so accordingly as this would make you eligible to work within the eventual PGD.

Of course this is all dependent upon a successful submission of our case for need. 

Please do contact me if you have any other ideas where specific meds could help your patient care via: