The BAA is seeking nominees for the organisation’s board of directors – both self-nominations and nominations of your colleagues are enthusiastically welcomed.

Being a board member gives you the opportunity to expand your professional network, as you form part of the team looking to provide a clear and strong voice for professionals in audiology, promoting excellence in clinical knowledge and practice and being an advocate for the profession!

BAA board members serve a three-year term beginning in November. The board meets a minimum of four times a year in person and board members typically lead a committee that will also meet (virtually) four times each year. You are also expected to attend and help at our annual conference.

Download the nomination form here SF1723 BAA Board Election form 2021

This year we have three vacancies on the BAA Board. The term of office is for three years and will start from 18th November 2021. Could you join our proactive, engaged, team of volunteers?

The deadline for nominations is 4th October 2021 at 11.59pm

Following the 2021 Board election we need to appoint someone to be the Board Lead for the Education, Accreditation and Research committee as Lizanne Steenkamp completes her two terms of office and Tim Wilding completes his first term and will not be standing again. We would therefore encourage people to nominate themselves for Board, if they have the following skills.

Essential skills and knowledge would include:

  • Currently working of have worked as a clinical educator in UK audiology practice (i.e., supervising students, liaising with HEI colleagues)
  • Experience of teaching and learning on an audiology course (i.e., visiting lecturer, supporting clinical learning on campus, honorary lecturer)
  • Awareness of UK HEI quality procedures, education framework and regulations as it pertains to the delivery of academic learning (i.e., quality governance, accreditation, fitness to practice procedures)
  • Awareness of the current UK Audiology education context and pathways leading to registration (i.e., apprenticeships, undergraduate and postgraduate)

Desirable skills and knowledge would include:

  • Currently working or have worked within the UK higher education sector in a teaching and learning capacity (i.e., lecturer, clinical lecturer or teaching fellow)

You will have an established committee of people to support you in this role. Please read the Job Description for the EAR Board Lead role here: OD1776 BAA Board Director Education, Accreditation and Registration

There are three board positions available, so please still apply even if you do not have the specific skills or knowledge for the EAR Board Lead role. We need two other Board Directors, whose remit will be decided upon election. The general job description for Board Directors is as follows: OD1715 BAA Board Director (Generic)

We recognise the diversity present in our profession’s workforce and would like to encourage applicants from all backgrounds to better reflect this diversity.

Download the nomination form here SF1723 BAA Board Election form 2021

Read more about being a Board Director in the BAA Articles of Association

Frequently Asked Questions

We are aware that some of you may have considered standing in the past but are a little unsure about quite what is involved.  Below are some ‘frequently asked questions’ which may help you to decide to stand in the forthcoming elections.

Can anyone stand?

The position of Board Director is open to all full members of the BAA. You need to be nominated and seconded by a full member.

Do I have to be a Head of Department?

No.  However, being a member of the BAA board means that you will be asked to represent your profession. You will be asked to give your opinion on various professional matters and will be expected to work strategically within the team to develop professional standards now and into the future. For this reason, the position of Board Director will probably be most appropriate to those who have a senior role within Audiology and who have managerial and other committee experience. However, all members of the BAA are eligible to be nominated and if you feel that you would be able to contribute you are welcome to apply.

People with skills in the Higher Education field would be particularly welcomed as the two current Board Leads for our Education, Accreditation and Registration committee will finish their terms of office in November.

How much time will it involve?

There is an all-day Board meeting 4 times a year and the full Board also attends Conference where we have the Annual General Meeting. In addition to this there is work related to any BAA teams that you are involved with. You need to ensure that you are able to obtain leave from work commitments to allow you to attend meetings.

Will I get paid?

No.  The President position is financially covered on a part-time basis, the other Board Directors do not get paid for their work although reasonable travel expenses are covered.

How long is a term of office?

A term usually lasts for three years. Directors then have the option to stand for a second term of three years.

What do Directors do?

There are various teams that Board Directors either chair or participate in.  Job descriptions for each of the Board roles will soon be available on the BAA website. Here is the generic Board Director Job Description

Further to this, the Directors are asked to review and comment on documents and policies that are both generated within the BAA and by external bodies.  Board Directors may be involved in ad-hoc working groups, depending on their specific interests and talents.

What is the benefit to being on the Board?

The profession needs strong leaders to take it forward, so by being a Board Director you are able to influence the direction of your profession in the future.  Board Directors are at the front line of information coming into the profession, this information is key to decision making within your own practice.

Membership of the Board gives an opportunity to work at a strategic level towards advancing the profile of Audiology Professionals within the United Kingdom.  We want people that are passionate, dedicated and ready to take the next step forward, no matter where you are in your career or your area of practice.  It is also worth noting that future vice-presidents and presidents are elected from within the board.

We recognise the diversity present in our profession’s workforce and would like to encourage applicants from all backgrounds to better reflect this diversity