The main element of BAA Online is a programme of webinars. A programme of speakers is being drawn up that will feature experts in their areas talk about: paediatrics, adult rehabilitation, vestibular, implantable devices, music and hearing aids, tinnitus, genetics, health psychology, hyperacusis and BAA member benefits such as the Higher Training Scheme and the Mentoring programme.

Here’s what’s planned so far:

BAA Member Update on Wednesday 8th July was an update on all things BAA and Audiology. There have been many changes and developments over the last few months. Much of BAA’s work has been Covid-related and has been shared with Heads of Services. Now, we bring you a webinar update for all BAA members

Watch the recording here.

BAA Member Career Development Webinar on Wednesday 22nd July offers a brief overview of the different schemes from the BAA along with some superb training programmes that can help your career development.

Watch the recording here.

Beyond the screen: Best practice for working with your tinnitus patient remotely on Wednesday 12th August.

Following the move by the NHS to do more online patient appointments, Debbie Featherstone, a dual qualified Hearing Therapist and Psychotherapist and specialist in Tinnitus Management, shares her best practice advice from many years of experience of interacting with tinnitus patients online. Her webinar will also include recent research about her online CBT clinic. You can find out more about Debbie’s work here.

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