Forthcoming webinars

The main element of BAA Online is a programme of webinars. A programme of speakers is being drawn up that will feature experts in their areas talk about: paediatrics, adult rehabilitation, vestibular, implantable devices, music and hearing aids, tinnitus, genetics, health psychology, hyperacusis and BAA member benefits such as the Higher Training Scheme and the Mentoring programme.

Here’s what’s coming up:

Wednesday 23rd September – Clinical Considerations and Outcome Expectations for the Current Generation of Bone Conduction and Middle Ear Implants

Bone conduction and middle ear implants can provide an effective intervention for conductive and mixed hearing losses, where a traditional hearing aid cannot be tolerated or cannot provide adequate benefit.

During this webinar Andrew Soulby will address when an implanted acoustic device is likely to yield a superior outcome to a traditional hearing aid and which device is likely to be the optimal choice for given configurations of hearing loss

We will also look at evidence based fitting ranges and expected outcomes for these devices, explore their inherent advantages and weaknesses compared to each other and to traditional hearing aids, including evaluating their cost vs. benefit.

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Wednesday 14th October – Three Effective Telecare Tools for Teens and Tweens to help spark conversations about their hearing loss

Natalie Comas, Project and Training Specialist at Ida Institute, will present our first October paediatrics webinar on Ida Telecare for Teens.

This suite of online tools and resources that aims to help young people develop the skills and confidence needed to self-manage their hearing loss as they transition to adulthood. The tools are designed for teens to use at home on their own or with family as they prepare for appointments. By reflecting on their communication needs ahead of time, teens can be more specific about their needs for support. It also helps clinicians provide more targeted support and save time in appointments.

Learning Objectives:

1)      Briefly describe the principles of self-determination and how they support a holistic, sustainable approach for children with hearing loss, teens and young adults

2)      Describe how the Ida telecare tools that can help structure the dialogue and solicit the input from the tweens/teens themselves so that the care offered matches their needs (the person-centered care approach)

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Wednesday 28th October – “Neuroscience of speech and language: the importance of early access to sound”

Dr Paul Johns, Consultant Neuropathologist & Honorary Reader in Clinical Neuroanatomy at St George’s University Hospital NHS Trust and St George’s University of London will be our guest presenter for this paediatric webinar. Dr Johns will talk about the neuroscience of speech and language and the importance of early access to sound.

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Previous webinars

BAA Member Update on Wednesday 8th July was an update on all things BAA and Audiology. There have been many changes and developments over the last few months. Much of BAA’s work has been Covid-related and has been shared with Heads of Services. Now, we bring you a webinar update for all BAA members

Watch the recording here.

BAA Member Career Development Webinar on Wednesday 22nd July offered a brief overview of the different schemes from the BAA along with some superb training programmes that can help your career development.

Watch the recording here.

Wednesday 12th August – Beyond the screen: Best practice for working with your tinnitus patient remotely

Following the move by the NHS to do more online patient appointments, Debbie Featherstone, a dual qualified Hearing Therapist and Psychotherapist and specialist in Tinnitus Management, shared her best practice advice from many years of experience of interacting with tinnitus patients online. Her webinar also included recent research about her online CBT clinic. You can find out more about Debbie’s work here.

Watch the recording here.

Wednesday 26th August – Tinnitus: Decision aids and NICE Guidance

Our second webinar on Tinnitus featured Declan Murphy who presented his research paper, ‘An effective-decision making aid for patients with tinnitus: A retrospective review of 205 patients’. (May, 2020)

Declan was then joined by Veronica Kennedy, David Stockdale and Julie Brady for a panel discussion about the NICE Guidance on Tinnitus: assessment and management.

Read Declan’s research: Tinnitus decision aid research

Access the NICE Tinnitus Guidance here

Watch the webinar again here

Wednesday 9th September – Has COVID-19 sparked innovation in cochlear implant services?

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, cochlear implant services have had to change rapidly and evolve iteratively. The whole pathway of cochlear implantation has been affected. Changes happened by necessity, but which should sustain? What are the impact of the changes on patients, staff, services, access to cochlear implantation, age at implantation, and referral numbers?

Professor Helen Cullington, Professorial Fellow and Principal Clinical Scientist at the University of Southampton Auditory Implant Service and Chair of BCIG discussed the impact of Covid-19 on cochlear implant services and whether there will be lasting changes to the services provided.

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