The last year has been challenging for everyone, from students to heads of service. We have had to adapt the way we work, communicate, and learn. At times this may have been difficult. The experience of professional bodies and leaders in Audiology has led us through the Covid-19 pandemic.
During this time we also need to hear the voices of audiology students and trainees. These early professionals will be the future faces of the profession for decades to come.
Many students have already shared their experiences below. These blogs offer insights into what it is like to study and train in Audiology. Through sharing stories and ideas, we can begin to build a support network for early professionals. Support that commences from the moment they enter the world of Audiology.
We are looking for more students to share their experiences and ideas for the future. Whatever your training pathway and wherever you are writing from, we want to hear from you!
To share your ideas and suggestions for resources or events you would like to see, contact us at

Let’s hear from our young audiologists and potential future leaders in their fields.