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BAA and Course-Events Organisers

BAA no longer "accredit" events with a points value. The act of accreditation implies that a course has been verified to meet educational standards leading to a recognised qualification. To achieve accreditation there should be an audit process in place which verifies these standards are met. BAA does not offer this level of support. The allocation of points historically was based on counting the number of hours that a course was run for.  It doesn't need a CPD committee to do this.

BAA are committed and focused on promoting the need to be registered and to undertake CPD. BAA acknowledge that continual on going development for qualified professionals to support maintaining relevance, keeping up to date, practising skills and looking for ways to improve services is crucial to patients and professionals.

Therefore BAA welcome providers to come forth with "training/development" events that benefit the audiology profession.

The CPD committee is interested to review course applications to understand current topics, direction and relevance. Once reviewed as an event that will satisfy the expectations of our members, BAA will approve the course, promote it and send the CPD logo to the provider to use on their attendance certificate or own promotional material.

BAA commits to support members by signposting and encouraging them to undertake courses and use resources available to enable CPD maintenance. and continual improvement.

Promoting Courses/Events

BAA welcomes and actively encourages course providers to keep working with the Audiology population for on going training and development purposes. Course providers are asked to request, complete and submit a Course CPD Promotion Profile [see below ] to BAA management office.

Upon submission of a Course CPD Promotion Profile the CPD Committee will review the form content to ensure that it is appropriate and relevant to list and signpost BAA members to. Submitting a Course CPD Promotion Profile does not attract CPD points allocation but will allow Course providers to list and promote their course making reference to it being listed by BAA as a CPD opportunity.

Forms should be requested from & sent to: admin@baaudiology.org

BAA Administration, Blackburn House,Redhouse Road, Seafield, Bathgate, EH47 7AQ

Course providers will be permitted if they have submitted the above and paid the one off £80.00 fee to promote their course (multiple course dates allowed on the same advert) elsewhere and use the logo shown below;

 BAA do not give permission for the use of their main logo on any course promotion or certificates. The above BAA CPD logo may only be used by course providers for promotion and on certificates for those who have submitted a course profile and paid the fee.

Cost of Promoting Course/Events

On receipt of the profile for a single fee of £80 the course will be promoted on the BAA website and via the Horizon’s newsletter. This fee applies whether the course is run for commercial gain or not. BAA reserve the right to promote BAA organised activities free of charge.

Within the Promotion Profile form Course Providers are expected to clarify the intended audience for which their content is relevant, the intended learning objectives and the value to a service or individual. BAA members are expected to make their own personal choice on attendance at events based on the information provided.

Certificate of Attendance

Providers of listed courses will be able to design their own certificate of attendance for participants to retain. Course providers will be able to use the BAA CPD logo on this certificate as shown above.

Click on the link below to download the application form or request a form by email from admin@baaudiology.org