Adult Hearing Loss in Europe 2016 Spend to Save

Posted by 616 on September 26, 2016

Adult Hearing Loss in Europe 2016 Spend to Save

Sep 26th - All Day


Adult Hearing Loss in Europe 2016 

Spend to Save 

Influencing hearing health care decisions & access to today’s hearing technologies for adults: a European strategy

Launch of our new European Report 

26 September 2016 

Kartuizer Center, Brussels 

The impact of hearing loss in adulthood is often underestimated and therefore under funded. Yet today we have exciting hearing technologies which can transform lives. However, in many countries, with increasing ageing popula-tions and associated health costs, access to the hearing technologies may be denied, or the long-term management not provided. Yet addressing hearing loss early leads to better health outcomes. Now is the time to spend on hear-ing care to save on health care. 

This conference addresses the impact of adult hearing loss, the real costs of adult hearing loss to Europe, and how by increasing access to today’s 

technology across Europe we change lives and save money. 

Registration: €120 

To book your place please visit education 

Speakers include: 

Helene Amieva, Sue Archbold, Lidia Best, Shelly Chadha, Laurence Hartmann, Peter Helmhout, Soren Hougaard, Wendy Huinck, Brian Lamb, Mark Laureyns, Thomas Le-narz, Ciaran O’Neill, Leo De Raeve, Krishan Ramdoo, Jagjit Sethi, Chris Wood, Ann Charlotte Gyllenram 



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