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Auditory Processing and Language Disorders


UCL Masterclass: Auditory Processing and Language Disorders, 9th – 11th February 2016

Current Science and Clinical Practice


Course Director: Dr Doris-Eva Bamiou

This 3-day comprehensive Masterclass in Auditory Processing Disorders brings together experts from across the UK and overseas to provide an update on current understanding of auditory processing disorders. The course will investigate current science and developments in clinical practice in understanding auditory processing and language disorders in both adults and children. 

The objectives include:

1. to provide a thorough understanding of auditory processing from periphery to cortex and how this relates to clinical practice and speech difficulties in noise

2. to provide a detailed understanding of diagnostic and management issues and the specific needs of special populations with auditory processing, language and cognitive disorders and the associated clinical testing considerations 

3. to provide an update on current developments of evidence-based management for clinical practice”

 more information on what topics are covered and how to book a place, please follow this link: