Hearing Therapy CPD modules at Aston University

Posted by 2563 on October 1, 2017

Hearing Therapy CPD modules at Aston University

Oct 01st - All Day

Hearing Therapy CPD modules at Aston University

We are excited to announce a new tiered programme of professional development modules in Hearing Therapy with our established School of Life and Health Sciences Audiology Department. 

These can be taken independently or combined to achieve the following qualifications:

PG Certificate Modules:

  • Hearing Therapy (5-day face to face training + online support)
  • Tinnitus Management (online delivery)
  • Aural Rehabilitation (online delivery)

PG Diploma Modules:

  • Evidence-based Practice (online delivery)
  • Health Behaviours (online delivery)
  • Vestibular Rehabilitation (online delivery)

MSc Modules:

  • Research Methods (online delivery + face to face supervision and introduction)
  • Research Project (online delivery + face to face supervision)

Doctorate Modules:

  • Qualitative Research Methodology (online delivery) OR Quantitative Methods & Advanced Statistics (online delivery)
  • Research Thesis (individual support)

Why Hearing Therapy CPD at Aston? 

-       Suitable for audiologists, hearing therapists, and graduates from science and social science disciplines

-       Flexible delivery to suit those in employment: all modules can be taken independently as continuing professional development

-       Advanced skills in research and rehabilitation management obtained

-       Aston University is the first in the UK to offer a Professional Doctorate in Hearing Therapy.

For further information on these modules; including start dates and fees or to apply visit www.aston.ac.uk/doctorofhearingtherapy