Managing Hearing and Cognitive Decline

Posted by 2162 on March 7, 2018

Managing Hearing and Cognitive Decline

Mar 07th - All Day

Managing Hearing and Cognitive Decline:

What you should know about Hearing, Social Engagement, and Brain Health


with Prof Barbara Weinstein from City University New York


Wednesday 7 March 2018

10am - 4pm

The Ear Foundation, 83 Sherwin Road, Lenton, Nottingham, NG7 2FB


Come and join The Ear Foundation to mark World Hearing Day:


Untreated self-reported hearing and communication difficulties have been linked to listening effort and fatigue and when the demands in a social context become too great and the rewards low, some individuals will choose to withdraw from the situation. Social engagement is critical to emotional wellbeing and brain health. In turn, social isolation contributes to cognitive decline and in selected cases dementia.


Hearing health interventions have an important role to play throughout the life span in terms of maintenance of physical activity levels and social engagement so essential to brain health. Throughout the day we will connect emotions to hearing health related decision making spanning health promotion and prevention choices, underscoring the importance of inter-professional collaboration and the voice of the audiologist.


  • Welcome and introduction                                           

Mel Gregory, The Ear Foundation


  • A dementia primer to facilitate the audiologists’ role in working with this population       

Barbara Weinstein


  • Population and clinical considerations: what makes a good patient centred pathway for older people with hearing loss and who may also have cognitive decline?

Adrian Davis and Katrina Davis


  • Spend 2 Save – A health economics perspective

Brian Lamb                                                                      


  • Reframing the conversation related to hearing, dementia and brain health

Barbara Weinstein


  • Family Centric Care

Graham Hilton, Phonak


  • How advances in cochlear implantation are helping to reduce risk factors associated with cognitive decline

Kelvin Hawker, Cochlear


Barbara Weinstein, PhD, is Professor and Founding Executive Officer of the Doctor of Audiology Program at the City University of New York Graduate Center. She is best known for her work in geriatric and rehabilitative audiology, having published and presented widely on the topics of dementia, hearing loss and cognitive decline. She has authored Geriatric Audiology and essential reference for audiologists working with the older people.


£85 per person, includes lunch and refreshments


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