Master Level Accredited Short Course Advances in Paediatric Audiology

Posted by 616 on December 12, 2022

Master Level Accredited Short Course Advances in Paediatric Audiology

Dec 13th - All Day
Dec 12th - All Day


Master Level Accredited Short Course  

Advances in Paediatric Audiology

Course Organiser: Mrs Jacqueline Michell / Dr Fei Zhao

This two-day Advances in Paediatric Audiology has been designed in accordance with Audiology service need and audiologists’ specific training requirement – it will be managed and delivered at Cardiff Metropolitan University. This course was derived from MSc Advanced Practice Programme, and was accredited as a standalone short course (20 credits at Level 7). It aims to equip participants with advanced knowledge of the rationales and practical issues behind various hearing tests and audiological habilitation methods for children with hearing impairment.

This course will be held at Cardiff Metropolitan University, Llandaff Campus on 12th and 13th December (Monday and Tuesday, 9:00-16:00) 2016. The topics will cover,  

  • Epidemiology of hearing loss in children;
  • Genetics and current development of gene detection in children with hearing impairment;
  • Overview of audiological assessments for children with hearing impairment;
  • Neonatal hearing screening: sensitivity and specificity;
  • Protocol and parameters  of otoacoustic emissions for  children: TEOAE vs. DPOAE;
  • Advances in ABR assessment using different stimuli;
  • Advances in paediatric hearing aids;
  • Cochlear implants and auditory cortex plasticity;
  • Auditory neuropathy and (central) auditory processing disorders in children;
  • The development of listening skills in children with hearing impairment.

In order to secure your place on the accredited/non-accredited course would you please email and the relevant link or booking form will be forwarded to you for completion.

FEES: £450 per person (Accredited –20 credits at Level 7)

FEES: £250 per person (Non-Accredited – Attendance Certificate Only)

If you have any query or need more information, please contact Dr Fei Zhao via the following email address

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