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Paediatric Hearing Aid Audiology Masterclass

West Kent Children’s Hearing Service presents:

1st Paediatric Hearing Aid Audiology Masterclass

Monday, 21st Oct  to Wednesday, 23rd October 2013
Greenwich University Campus, Greenwich, London

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This three days course is mainly directed towards paediatric audiologists at all levels, although the third day might be relevant to other professionals working within the specialisations around childhood hearing loss (Teachers-of-Deaf, Speech Therapists etc). The course will cover as much of the theoretical aspects of paediatric audiology as the practical aspects. It will address all the issues regarding pre/peri and post childhood hearing aid fitting. The course will have special focus on unaided and aided speech testing. With some of the best national and international speakers within the profession, course will include a very good critique of the current evidence around paediatric hearing aid fitting. Discussion topics will include:

• Audiological assessment and medical aspects of hearing loss.
• Auditory neuropathy and central auditory processing disorders
• Speech perception and development in children with hearing impairment
• Diagnostic and rehabilitation techniques.
• Hearing aid fitting verification and validation for paediatric population-Special focus on aided evaluation using speech stimuli
• Habitation and  multidisciplinary team approach in Paediatric hearing aid fitting

Venue:          The University of Greenwich Maritime Greenwich Campus,
                      Old Royal Naval College, Park Row, Greenwich, London SE10 9LS

Course fees:

Before 15 Sep 2013-  £550 for all three days; £200 for Day 1; £300 for Day 2; £200 for Day 3 
After 15 Sep 2013-    £700 for all three days, £300 for day 1; £400 for Day 2; £300 for Day 3


BAA has offered a total of 21 CPD points for this course.

Confirmed Speakers (in alphabetical order)


1.     Dr Marlene Bagatto –UWO, Canada

2.     Dr Teresa Ching - NAL, Australia (via video conferencing)

3.     Ms Martha Currie, Speech Language Therapist, Christopher Place, London, UK

4.     Ms Cathy Denne, Parent of a child with hearing impairment

5.     Victoria Fernandez, Deaf CAMHS National Team

6.     Melonie Gregory, IDA

7.     Professor Harvey Dillon –NAL, Australia (via video conferencing)

8.     Ms Zita Fereira, LSLS Cert AVT® Auditory Verbal Therapist, Christopher Place, London, UK

9.     Professor Valerie Hazan - Professor of Speech Sciences, UCL, London

10. Ms Louise Henley – Chairlady of Kent Deaf Children’s Society

11. Dr Pankaj Jindal AuD, Kent Community Health

12. Mary Kean, Public Health England

13. Vicky Kirwin, NDCS

14. Dr Josephine Marriage PhD, Chear ltd

15. Dr Raj Nandi, FRCS MSc, Kent Community Health



Learning outcomes



• Delegates will have an understanding of the scientific, technical, ethical principles that underpin study of paediatric hearing aid audiology.


• Delegates will have an understanding of the concepts and scientific principles with regard to VRA, APD/ANSD and speech language development in children.


• Delegates will be able to apply well established specialist scientific, technical, ethical principles relevant to verification and validation (outcome) measures in paediatric hearing aid fitting; and apply academic learning and principles to your work environment.


• Delegates will have an understanding of the interdisciplinary and socio-economic framework in which the hearing habilitation operates.