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The Queen Square Dizziness Course

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 The Queen Square Dizziness Course 

23rd-26th June 2015 

Institute of Child Health, and NHNN, London 

A 4 day course which will include instructional sessions, practical workshops, and case study analysis. Aimed at physicians, surgeons, scientists, physiotherapists and allied health professionals who evaluate, diagnose and manage patients with dizziness and/or imbalance. The course is run by an international, multidisciplinary faculty, which includes both highly experienced clinicians and researchers. 

Course Organisers: Professor LM Luxon, Drs RA Davies, DE Bamiou 

Keynote speakers include: Profs Linda Luxon, Adolfo Bronstein, Carey Balaban, Sue Whitney, Sylvete Wiener Vacher. 

2015 topic: Dizziness: Dilemmas, Diagnosis and Developments across the age spectrum (children to older adults). 

Teaching level: Intermediate to advance. The course will be best suited to those with an initial understanding of the vestibular field and will serve as an update and refresher course to those with an advanced knowledge of the vestibular field. 

Attendance fee: Consultants (Medical/Non-Medical): Single day £150, 4 days £500. All others: single day £100, 4 days £320. 

Course website: www.thedizzinesscourse.co.uk 

Email enquires: thedizzinesscourse@uclh.nhs.uk 

Telephone: (+44)20 3448 3275