Sheffield Calibration Course

Posted by 2563 on December 4, 2017

Sheffield Calibration Course

Dec 04th - All Day

Venue: Royal Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield

Price: £450 early bird fee , after 1st October the fee will be £499 

Lunch and refreshments are provided

Historically, the Sheffield “Calibration Course for Audiology” formed part of the training requirements for the certificate of Audiological Competence (CAC) and was subsequently updated for the HTS syllabus. The course recognises the need for all

Clinical Scientists in Audiology to have a basic insight into the calibration issues surrounding both the equipment and the room environments found in Audiology.  It is recognised that not all delegates attending the course will be involved in providing formal calibration measurement services for their departments. Rather they may need to have the appropriate knowledge to be able to commission and interpret calibration work or to recognise potential pitfalls in their own work areas. The main aims of the course are therefore to give delegates the required understanding and practical skills in order to both carry out calibration procedures themselves, and to lead or advise on the audiometric calibration issues commonly experienced back in their own departments.

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