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Titan Seminar – Tympanometry and OAE

Sep 23rd - All Day


Titan Seminar – Tympanometry and OAE

Tuesday 23rd September 2014

Hogarths Hotel, Solihull, West Midlands



 Tympanometry is a routine test we use daily but, as Audiologists, are we aware of other tests we can apply and the benefits of these? This course explores the theory and application behind reflexes, reflex decay and Eustachian tube dysfunction tests and covers the concept of Wideband Tympanometry – the biggest advance in tympanometry for more than 30 years!


This course will also demonstrate the clinical relevance of the OAE test for both adult and paediatric patients; a test not regularly used in clinic outside the newborn hearing screening programme.



Designed for ENT’s, audiologists and hearing therapists the learning objectives for this one-day course are defined as follows:


  1. To have an up to date knowledge of the developments within Tympanometry and OAE and how they can be applied to different clinical populations
  2. To understand the fundamentals of immittance and how this information can improve your clinical interpretation of middle ear assessment
  3. To have an awareness of the tests which are not commonly performed in tympanometry and assess their clinical value
  4. To gain an understanding of the theoretical principles of OAE and how this can be applied in different clinical populations



£96 inc. VAT (£80 ex. VAT) per delegate which includes:


  • Seminar with practical sessions
  • Delegate pack containing presentations
  • CPD training certificate
  • Refreshments
  • Buffet lunch


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