UCL Masterclass: Vestibular Rehabilitation

Posted by 616 on April 18, 2018

UCL Masterclass: Vestibular Rehabilitation

 UCL Masterclass: Vestibular Rehabilitation, 18 – 20 April, 2018

Course Director: Paul Radomskij and Johanna Beyts

The course is designed for all those clinicians who have a reasonable knowledge of vestibular assessment and rehabilitation but are looking to build on this foundation. Delegates will be provided with a pre-course reading list, which should maximise their learning opportunities during the course. Course material and refreshments are included in the registration fee (including evening workshop).

As with all of the Advanced Audiology Masterclasses, this course also forms part of our MSc in Advanced Audiology.

This 3 day Masterclass starts with an overview followed by specialist lectures on vestibular rehabilitation assessment and the main current methods employed in the management of patients with vestibular problems.

There will be an exciting mix of lectures, practical demonstrations and workshops with serious opportunities to 'have a go'.


There will be an exciting mix of lectures, practical demonstrations and workshops with serious opportunities to develop practical skills.

Day 1 – Introductory Day

Day 1 is designed for clinicians who are new to the field or would like a refresher. It will include lectures and workshops:

  • Lectures on

-          general causes of dizziness

-          the patient interview (taking a history)

-          clinical and objective tests of balance

-          overview of vestibular rehabilitation and outcome measures

-          Assessment and treatment of basic BPPV

  • Day Workshops covering clinical tests of balance
  • Evening workshops covering a range of objective assessments of balance function

Days 2 and 3

  • Assessment and treatment of complex BPPV
  • Vestibular rehabilitation
  • A neurologist’s view of the dizzy patient
  • Medical management of patient’s with complex vestibular dysfunction
  • Management of anxiety of patient’s with dizziness
  • Motion sickness
  • Visual vertigo & machine-based therapy
  • Optokinetic desensitization
  • Management of patients with hyperventilation syndrome and vestibular migraine

Workshops on

  • Developing your VR skills
  • Hyperventilation syndrome

Additional early-bird / evening workshops

For more information on what topics are covered and how to book a place, please follow this link: