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Validation and Verification of Hearing Instrument Fittings

Nov 16th - All Day
Nov 17th - All Day
Nov 18th - All Day


Dr Jason Galster Senior Manager of Audiology Research at Starkey Hearing Technologies
Monday 16th November ~ Edinburgh at Queen Margaret University
Tuesday 17th November ~ Starkey at Hazel Grove, Cheshire
Wednesday 18th November ~ Birmingham at The Hilton Hotel at East Midlands Airport
Awarded 4.5 BSHAA Cue Points and 4 BAA CPD points for attendance - Reference Code: 8612


 Includes access to two online lectures prior to the course




Audiograms are not the only tool:


10:30 What is a positive outcome to a hearing instrument fitting?


11:00 What lies behind the audiogram that helps us get a great outcome?


12.00 Using tests to target resources for success


12:30 Lunch


Practical use of verification and validation:


13:30 Feature validation. Comparing hearing aid features


14:00 Use of patient centred questionnaires


15:00 Targets and prescriptions


15:30 Changing your view on a fitting protocol?


16:00 Close of meeting

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