23 Sep - 23 Sep
09:00 - 10:00

Bone conduction and middle ear implants can provide an effective intervention for conductive and mixed hearing losses, where a traditional hearing aid cannot be tolerated or cannot provide adequate benefit.

This webinar will address when an implanted acoustic device is likely to yield a superior outcome to a traditional hearing aid and which device (percutaneous BCI, passive transcutaneous BCI (attract), active transcutaneous BCI (Bonebridge, Osia) or middle ear implant (Soundbridge, Carina)) is likely to be the optimal choice for given configurations of hearing loss.

We will also look at evidence based fitting ranges and expected outcomes for these devices, explore their inherent advantages and weaknesses compared to each other and to traditional hearing aids, including evaluating their cost vs. benefit.

Key Learning Objectives:
– Pros & Cons of various implant types
– Discussion of BCI & MEI capabilities
– Exploration of fitting criteria and expected outcomes for various indications
– Cost versus benefit evaluation of BCI vs. MEI