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Danalogic from Resound Technology Update

Danalogic Ambio has been designed with and for the NHS 

danalogic Ambio has been designed exclusively with and for the NHS

- it has an environmental classifier which is 98% accurate at identifying speech in noise - it is the first NHS hearing aid to truly allow patients to personalise their hearing aid settings, in real time, via an industry leading app

- it’s the first NHS hearing aid to provide an asynchronous tele-health solution to the NHS

- it has a world leading digital feedback suppression system allowing you transform listening experiences for all patients, even those with severe to profound hearing loss

- it brings the ‘find my hearing’ aid function to the NHS via a smartphone app danalogic Ambio brings a futureproofed, innovative ecosystem to the NHS which will enable more people to hear better and give NHS departments the flexibility they need to evolve their patient pathways

What more could you and your patients wish for! danalogic Ambio – choice, efficiency and quality for all

To find out more about our unique NHS product portfolio, please contact us on 01869 352 800 | www.danalogic.co.uk

You can read more about this product here:

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