FOR ACTION Represent Audiology on NHS Choices Website

Posted by 616 on July 22, 2015

FOR ACTION Represent Audiology on NHS Choices Website

July 22, 2015 at 11:35 AM

BAA received an email from a Head of Service raising concerns that not all Hearing Services are listed on NHS Choices website

You can check using your local postcode to see if your service is listed here:

BAA feel it is important that all services are equally reflected on the NHS choices website and felt it important that this information is shared. 

Subsequent contact with the site gave the following information on how to get your service onto the website and how to ensure updates to services are accurate. 

The Hearing Aid Services dataset is published on NHS Choices through data provided by Serco for the Department of Health. Please send these, and all future changes, direct to who will update all related datasets.

These will feed through to NHS Choices as part of our regular data feeds and will be updated on the site.

Please note that this can take up to  4 weeks from original submission.”

The following gives detail on how to ensure your Service is represented on NHS Choices and I would suggest you


·        look at the website

·        search “Hearing Aid Services” and check which of your local sites are listed.

·        Send information to update the local list of services to

·        Check in a few weeks to ensure the list has been updated

 When contacting Serco please ensure you include the following details,

·        Name of Service

·        Address

·        Contact Details

·        Opening times