Appointment of a CEO for the British Academy of Audiology

Posted by 616 on August 1, 2016

Appointment of a CEO for the British Academy of Audiology

August 01, 2016 at 12:47 PM


Exciting and Important News for BAA Members

The board of BAA is made up of elected volunteers in some way, connected to the profession of Audiology. Board members are passionate, committed individuals, who collectively wish to serve the best interests of their members and their patients.

We live in times of fast paced change where the drive for efficient innovative models of care, alternative career pathways, scope of practice, technology solutions and the right of access to our services are constantly being challenged.

BAA are consistently asked by Heads of Services and members for support, guidance and policy. We are asked to be proactive at influencing positive change; we are required to be informed, to have a strategy and opinion which we can deliver with a confident presence in a variety of settings. We must be quick to respond, and be in a position where we ask the questions and set the agendas.

BAA has always aspired to be the respected “go to” representative professional organisation that Government bodies, commissioners and other groups would consult. To keep apace and grow this position we have to be quick to react, be ready with facts, evidence based arguments and articulate our strategy persuasively.

Juggling the day job, meeting these demands and being first to the table on public policy agendas, professional practice, education and work force planning is becoming increasingly challenging, especially when other sector organisations have paid people with ring fenced time in roles to do just that. Charity groups, BSHAA, NCHA etc. all have CEO's, Policy Advisors and researchers to enable them to be more agile, giving them an enviable position ensuring their voice is heard first and loudest.

BAA commits to our partnership with the Hearing Alliance and, where it is in the best interest of the profession, to collaborate with other bodies, but we must have our own strong voice and identity.

To that end, after long deliberation and researching, the BAA Board have reached the conclusion that the right thing to do is recruit a paid CEO who will work closely with the President and Board to ensure the voice of BAA is heard, current and drives positive improvements.

Below you can read the job descriptions for both the CEO and President roles.  These should help provide clarity between the differences and necessary interactions between them. We plan to start the recruitment process immediately, as we would ideally like to have found the right person in time for our AGM in November.

If you have any questions or thoughts we would be happy to receive these via Otherwise we look forward to seeing you all at the AGM in November.

Thank you and we trust you are as excited, hopeful and enthusiastic as we are that this is the right thing to do for BAA, you and our patients.

BAA CEO Role Description

BAA President Role Description  

 To apply please visit the BAA Vacancies page