BAA Revised Scope of Practice Published

Posted by 616 on November 8, 2016

BAA Revised Scope of Practice Published

November 08, 2016 at 5:46 AM


British Academy of Audiology Scope of Practice 2016

The aim of this document is to confirm the current scope of practice for the professional workforce within the field of Audiology.

Scope of practice is a way of defining what you are trained and competent to do. It describes the areas in which you have the knowledge, skills and experience to practise safely and effectively in the best interests of patients.

Scope of practice can be easily identified by three categories.

Education and training

Has the person been educated academically and clinically and do they have documentation proving education and training to carry out the procedure?

Registration body

Does your professional or registration body that oversees the skill or profession allow (or not allow) the procedure to be carried out?


Does your employer allow a person or their profession to carry out the procedure?


The scope of practice needs to assure alignment with Healthcare Science National profiles and management pathways.

Section 1 covers scope of practice for each level of the HCS career framework

Section 2 gives examples of the range of activities undertaken

Section 3 covers pathways

With respect to registration it is expected that all professionals within Audiology will have the appropriate registration and maintain this in line with current national requirements for the Healthcare Science workforce. Any accountability is held with service providers. Responsibility to ensure that all staff remains competent within all relevant practice lies with service providers.

This document relates to educational levels and does not relate to agenda for change pay scales.

The Scope of Practice and supporting example job descriptions can be accessed by visiting the Scope of Practice Page here.