CSO Request for professional input - HCS Clinical Academic Careers

Posted by 2563 on February 22, 2017

CSO Request for professional input - HCS Clinical Academic Careers

February 22, 2017 at 1:57 PM

To: All APoHL ask and Finish Group Members on behalf of Alexandra Milsom from CSO team

 Dear Colleagues,

 Through Health Education England, we have commissioned a piece of work to look at clinical academic careers for healthcare scientists. The review will provide an evaluation of the current landscape for healthcare scientists in terms of clinical academic careers and provide recommendations as a next step to addressing the barriers and maximising opportunities.

 A research team from Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Institute of Mental Health and University of Nottingham will be leading the review.

 To ensure your professional expertise and experience is captured we would value your input through the professional survey. If you have a managerial role and can provide workforce information your input into the workforce survey would also be greatly appreciated. Both surveys are short and there is an opportunity to provide your contact details for the research team to follow up with a more in depth conversation.

Professional Survey – please complete and circulate to healthcare science colleagues


Workforce Survey – please complete if you have a managerial role within your service and are able to provide workforce information regarding clinical academic roles. Please also forward to workforce leads and service managers across your Trust.


For further information please contact the review team lead Dr Louise Thomson, Head of Research Support and Evaluation Louise.Thomson@nottingham.ac.uk