Introducing Sense’s new eLearning module for Audiologists

Posted by 616 on January 15, 2016

Introducing Sense’s new eLearning module for Audiologists

January 15, 2016 at 10:33 AM








As people get older they are more likely to have a hearing and sight loss, commonly known as deafblindness.

Sense estimates that there are 358,594 people in the UK who are deafblind, 221,645 of whom are aged 70 or over.  Having hearing and sight loss can provide challenges with accessing information, communication and mobility – and Audiologists are likely to see an increase in patients experiencing this.

Joint research, published by Sense and The Ear Foundation in 2014, found that:

•                People reported high levels of benefit from, and reliance on, hearing aids and hearing technology

•                Many felt that their Audiologist didn’t understand the additional impact of their vision loss on their hearing and accessibility requirements

•                Most were confident with their hearing aids and associated maintenance - but had adapted their approach and needed additional support in some areas


New training package

Following discussions with Audiologists, Sense has developed a new training package which includes information on:

•                Common sight loss conditions and the impact they have

•                How to make your services and practice accessible

•                Considerations for hearing aid setup and additional technology

The package is accredited with 3 BAA/BSHAA CPD points

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