Launch of the Commissioning Framework in England

Posted by 616 on July 20, 2016

Launch of the Commissioning Framework in England

July 20, 2016 at 1:19 PM

Jim_Fitzpatrick_MP_.jpgLaunch of the Framework

Jim Fitzpatrick MP hosted NHS England and many guests at the House of Commons building Portcullis House to launch Commissioning Services for People with Hearing Loss: A Framework for Clinical Commissioning Groups

Professor Sue Hill OBE the Chief Scientific Officer for NHS England chaired the launch and a passionate speech was made by Mr Fitzpatrick who is now the chair of the All Party Committee on Deafness. His speech laid out the prevalence of hearing loss in England but he also spoke passionately about the consequences of not tackling hearing loss early and it's potential to affect physical and mental health if left unaddressed.


Sue Hill introduced the actual document and the way that it has been the first piece of work supporting the Action Plan on Hearing Loss. The Framework is "an integrated, coherent and credible approach to commissioning services for people with hearing loss" said Sue Hill.

IMG_5005.JPG Deputy Chief Scientific Office Fiona Carragher has taken responsibility for the document    along with her team and Fiona spoke about what the document aims to do and how it will support commissioners. The document has 3 parts to support CCGs in commissioning cost effective, quality services for their local populations.


These parts are

  • Strategic Planning
  • Procuring Services
  • Monitoring and Evaluating Services
Fiona Carragher was clear that this document should not sit on a dusty shelf and should be kept up to date and used to deliver better value for money whilst still meeting the population needs.

BAA Involvement

BAA have worked with their partners in the Hearing Loss and Deafness Alliance to develop this framework with NHS England. Dr Jagjit Sethi BAA President has led the BAA involvement in the development with support from BAA Board. 

Sue Hill OBE acknowledges this input within the document by saying in her forward "In developing this framework, we have taken into account the wealth of knowledge, evidence and experience that our partners and stakeholders have within the hearing loss community to ensure it is based on evidence and best practice. We are very grateful to the CCGs, commissioning support units (CSUs), subject matter experts, and charities and professional representative groups who, as members of the Hearing Loss and Deafness Alliance, have given so much of their time to co-produce this framework with us."

Additional Documents

During the development of the Framework other documents were referenced and linked to. These documents relate to pathways and recommendations for more complex referrals around Tinnitus and Balance. These documents were produced by a multidisciplinary group representing a range of professional bodies with an interest in vestibular and tinnitus work within Audiology, and BSA agreed to host the documents on their website. The link to these documents is:

Next Steps

NHS England will promote the document to CCGS in time for their 2017 budget rounds.

The guidance should help local commissioners to evidence base their decisions and members of BAA should read and understand the document to help with discussions on commissioning locally.