A new look CPD section on the website is live

Posted by 616 on October 13, 2016

A new look CPD section on the website is live

October 13, 2016 at 9:55 AM

Important Notice to BAA members concerning CPD

A new look CPD section on the website is coming your way.

From 14th November 2016 BAA will no longer award points for CPD events. BAA membership is not conditional on how many CPD points you acquire and does not and indeed has not audited CPD records for some time now.  

BAA will continue to support members to meet the regulatory requirements for CPD.

You are required to maintain your own profile and ensure that it is backed up if it is stored electronically. BAA will no longer provide an online CPD storage system to members but we will maintain your records that are currently on the website until the end of the next registration audit period in August 2018. Records over 2 years old should not be submitted for audit to any registration body.

BAA Member Support on the website

As a member, you can log into the BAA website and access the CPD section. Within the CPD section you will find;

• CPD Policies and Guidance

• Reflective Practice Templates to download and use

• Examples of completed CPD activities and profi les

• Examples and templates for competency reviews

• Courses and Events coming up

• Frequently Asked Questions

• Link to corporate member’s online training tools

• Link to Regulator websites

Important Note on Archived CPD

If you previously saved work to the BAA website, this will be stored for you until Aug 2018

However no new CPD activities can be added to the website after 14th November 2016

Please read the CPD Flyer here for more answers to your questions

RCCP, ACHS and HCPC all require CPD completion as part of registrant standards but the CPD required is a profile evidencing reflective practice not a collection of points. 

BAA will continue to promote courses, training and events that have been reviewed as relevant and of benefit to our members. From 14th Nov 16 events advertised via BAA will not reference how many points have been awarded but will carry the following logo instead;