New NHSP Commissioning guidance requires IQIPS Accreditation

Posted by 616 on February 19, 2016

New NHSP Commissioning guidance requires IQIPS Accreditation

February 19, 2016 at 3:41 PM

The NDCS has been campaigning for all paediatric audiology services to be IQIPS accredited. After the New Born Hearing Screening Programme QA process which covered screening, audiology, medicine, early intervention and social care came to an end, parents of deaf children have no longer been able to find information in the public domain about the quality of their local service. 

The latest NHSP commissioning specification has just been published for 2016-17 and it would appear that the NDCS concerns have been listened to.

2016-17 (p31, Section 4: Service Standards, Risks and Quality Assurance) - “Audiology departments undertaking audiological assessments on babies referred from screening should participate in a scheme for external peer-review process of ABR (as described at Commissioners’ should ensure that Audiology services participate in, and maintain accreditation to defined quality standards operating under the umbrella of the United Kingdom Accreditation Schemes (UKAS) / Improving Quality in Physiological Services (IQIPS).”

 Only about 14% of services are currently accredited.