NHS England Commissioning Framework

Posted by 616 on February 22, 2016

NHS England Commissioning Framework

February 22, 2016 at 6:44 AM

In March 2015, NHS England and DH published the Action Plan on Hearing Loss. In this report, further actions were highlighted in an attempt to take steps to make choice in hearing services work better for patients. NHS England and DH reported that time would be devoted to the development of a commissioning framework to provide commissioners with the best possible resource to shape services.

BAA are currently working with other members of the Hearing Alliance to advise NHS England with regard to the writing of clinical service aspects of this commissioning framework. Together with our Hearing Alliance partners we have been asked to provide input into pathways, outcomes/KPIs and service specifications for Paediatric and Adult hearing, Tinnitus and Balance. We have also been asked to provide examples of innovative pathways within Audiology demonstrating good practice.

NDCS are leading on Paediatrics with support from the BAA and Alliance members. The BTA are leading on tinnitus with clinical support being led by Michelle Booth, Vice President of the BAA, whose clinical expertise lies within the tinnitus field. The work on Adult hearing and Balance is being led by Jagjit Sethi, President of the BAA and Rosemary Monk, BAA Board director for Service Quality, with input from BAA Board members, past and present, members from BSA special interest groups, charities, such as the Meniere’s Society, and other BAA members who have specific relevant experience.

This is an important piece of work and we would like our members to be assured that BAA are working hard to provide NHS England with as much information as we can to ensure the resulting framework allows good quality audiology services, which meet the needs of people with hearing and balance disorders, to be commissioned in the future. As ever timelines are extremely tight with all information requiring submission by 3rd March 2016. We would like to thank all BAA members who have contributed their time and energy to this work: your efforts are greatly appreciated.