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Auditdata is a leading Danish manufacturer of diagnostic instruments and clinic management solutions for hospital hearing care clinics and private practices. With a long history of supplying hospitals with software solutions, Auditdata expanded the expertise and service to include hardware as well. The complete product range covers both stand-alone and pc-based audiometers.

Established in 1993, Auditdata has offices in the UK, US, and headquarters in the Copenhagen area in Denmark. Auditdata is privately held and has 75+ dedicated employees

+44 (0) 1784 410 400



Barry Fentons


Insurance brokers offering inexpensive Professional fitting and treatment liability scheme for NHS audiologists undertaking private work. This BSHAA approved scheme was established 15 years ago.




Cochlear Academy


Cochlear Academy Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) began in 2003 in Europe as the Cochlear Training and Education Centre (C-TEC): the first company owned specialist training facility in the field of hearing implants.





Guymark supply audiological and vestibular equipment with full service, calibration & repair services for all makes both onsite and in-house.







HIMSA provides Noah 4 software and the NOAHlink interface. Over 100 companies support the Noah standard.






IAC is a specialist in noise control, designing, manufacturing and installing a wide range of Audiology rooms and booths.






Interacoustics is the world’s leading provider of solutions for measurement and diagnosis within hearing and balance including audiometers, middle ear analyzers, hearing aid analysers, ABR, OAE and VNG.



 MED-EL medel.png



Specialising in hearing implants MED-EL is a leading manufacturer of innovative medical devices for the treatment of various types and degrees of hearing loss. 





Mediplacements is a NHS accredited recruitment company, specialising in the placement of locum and permanent Audiology staff for all regions of the UK.
Phone: 0845 230 6666







Neurelec is fully dedicated to the development, manufacture and commercialization of auditory implants and implanted neuro-stimulators since 1986. We offer our recipients a complete product line of cochlear implant benefiting from the large experience and capacity to develop reliable and innovative solutions (Digisonic SP system compatible with the Digi SP behind the ear processor and the Digi SP’K micro-BTE processor with remote battery) and specific auditory systems (Digisonic SP ABI for brainstem implantation, Digisonic SP Multi-Array for ossified cochleas, Digisonic SP Binaural, etc.)




Noiseair are specialist acoustic and noise control engineers supplying bespoke Audiology Rooms & Booths to both the NHS and private sectors. We also carry out acoustic testing to current specifications.
http://www.noiseairconsultants.co.uk/audiology-rooms/ noiseair.png




Otodynamics, the leading voice in OAE technology for over 28 years, has recently enhanced its ILOv6 clinical OAE software for PC based Echoports as well as adding ABR screening to their comprehensive Otoport range of handheld advanced diagnostic and screening instruments. Driven by its in-house innovative research and development team, Otodynamics is dedicated to delivering quality, reliability and performance. Standing out as the gold standard, Otodynamics is consistently selected as the first choice in Audiology.



 Oticon Oticon_logo_2.png


At Oticon, People First is our commitment to empower people with hearing loss.

Empowering people with hearing loss is a goal we share with you.
We are also committed to supporting the hearing care professional with innovations in all aspects of practice.
Our focus is not just on audiology and technology, but on counselling and fitting and business support.


Otometrics is the audiology industry leader providing instrumentation, software solutions and sound rooms to hearing and balance care professionals worldwide. For more than 50 years, Otometrics has been helping hearing and balance care professionals succeed in improving the quality of life for their clients and patients around the world by delivering expert knowledge, reliable solutions and trusted partnership. Otometrics develops, manufactures and markets computer-based audiological, otoneurologic and vestibular instrumentation and sound rooms in more than 85 countries under the MADSEN®, AURICAL®, HORTMANN®, ICS® and Otometrics Genie Sound Room brand names. Otometrics is part of the GN Group, one of the largest companies in Denmark. For more information, please visit www.otometrics.com




Ovil Communicate


Ovii Communicate is a simple communication app which can be downloaded for £1.99* to any Apple device including smart phone or IPad. It is easy to use with a split screen so that two people can talk to each other in real time. You are able to type messages into the device and have the conversation appear on a split screen on each person's device or, if you have an internet connection, you can speak and Apple’s voice recognition software will convert your speech into text. 

For people with full or partial hearing loss this simple app on their phone or other device offers them a new means of communication to use alongside their existing hearing aids or implants. It will give them more opportunity to communicate effectively with a wider group of people and provides greater independence, without the need for passing paper notes back and forward or using an interpreter. The speed and accuracy of the voice recognition allows greater ease and flow of conversation with other people, including those who do not have hearing loss.

People with hearing loss can go about their daily lives with more confidence. For example, schools and offices are increasingly equipping students and staff with tablets. Staff in shops and banks are also using tablets. This simple app, will enable people with hearing loss to communicate their customer needs more effectively.  

You can find out more about the Ovii device    

On youtube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZxHKQQeH_iI) or the OviiSoft website (http://oviisoft.com/)
(*for group purchases site license options are available and are cost effective) 

PC Werth



Whatever your needs for audiology, hearing and hearing healthcare, PC Werth can help. PC Werth is a leading supplier to the UK’s hearing healthcare practitioners and NHS audiology departments. Operating from our London offices, the PC Werth Hearing Division offer a genuinely personal and nationwide service to hearing healthcare professionals, including supply and service of instruments consumables and accessories for audiology. Download our brochure – The WIRe -  and find out more at our website.







Phonak’s goal is to improve the quality of life of people with hearing loss. Phonak is the innovative force in hearing acoustics. With our creative solutions, we strive to overcome technological limitations - so that all people are able to hear, understand and fully enjoy life's rich landscapes of sound.




Audiology Booths & Rooms from UK Company, QuietStar Limited

With over 100 years collective experience in the design, manufacture, delivery and installation of noise control products, systems and services, including engineered  Audiology Booths, Rooms & Cabins, UK Company QuietStar Limited is one of the UK’s premier providers, within the specialist noise control sector.

Contact: info@quietstar.co.uk for more information on our product range and service.

Visit our website at: www.quietstar.co.uk

Telephone: 0044(0) 1252 674327

Sivantos Limited 


Sivantos Limited formerly Siemens Hearing Instruments Ltd (Crawley, West Sussex) provides a comprehensive range of digital hearing instruments and software, patient management systems and audiology equipment to the National Health Service, independent retail dispensers and national chains in the UK. It is the UK operation of Sivantos Group, which is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of hearing instruments, With  5,000 employees. Sivantos’ international sales organization supplies products to hearing aid specialists and sales organizations in more than 120 countries. Particular emphasis is placed on product development. The owners of Sivantos are the anchor investors EQT together with the Strüngmann family and Siemens as co-investors. Sivantos Limited is a Trademark Licensee of Siemens AG.

Further information can be found under www.bestsound-technology.co.uk






Starkey is a world leader in the design, development and distribution of comprehensive hearing solutions. We believe in using superior hearing technology as a means to something even greater — creating meaningful connections between people and their worlds.




Starkey Earmoulds


Starkey Laboratories have over 30 years experience delivering first-class earmould products. Our core values of quality, service and innovation have earned us a reputation as the industry-leaders in earmould manufacturing. Our goal is simple. By creating exceptional products for your patients, we help to promote an accurate and successful fitting.






At Unitron, one purpose shapes all our products: to make a difference for people with hearing loss. At Unitron, hearing matters.




Your World Healthcare


Your World Healthcare are an NHS approved recruitment agency.  Your World specialise in providing Audiology staff to the NHS and private sector across the UK and Eire.

Tel: 020 7220 0811 Email: audiology@ywrec.com