BAA has compiled a list of CPD resources that could be useful to you during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Free access to 2019 Conference presentations

The first thing we can offer members is access to all the 2019 conference presentations to watch online. Members can click through, register and watch presentations covering many different areas of Audiology. Paediatrics, workforce discussions, balance, cochlear implants, internet-based interventions, adult rehab, career development and much more feature in 49 different presentations across the three tracks. You can even make a playlist of favourites that you want to watch and watch the awards presentations! Access all 49 presentations here.

Offline ideas
  • Develop peer review processes and clinical competencies sheets for tinnitus, BAHA, balance appts
  • Develop/update standard operating procedures for appt types, tests, etc
  • Working on CPD and equivalency
  • Review/develop patient information
  • Review/develop guidelines for external agencies – what’s on offer, how to refer
  • Complete outstanding mandatory training
  • Develop training materials e.g. for volunteers, care home staff.
  • Literature reviews on defined topics
  • The complete back-catalogue of BAA Magazines can be found here

This is an evolving list; please let us know what we should add to the CPD ideas.