Tinnitus has not been identified by the BAA as either an essential nor urgent activity (BAA Covid-19), however under ‘Alternative ways of working,’ the same document states; “Many face-to-face appointments can be replaced with telephone/skype consultations – e.g. tinnitus,”  Therefore a tinnitus service is still possible, and providing a remote service and signposting the online resources available will help alleviate anxiety related to tinnitus for many, particularly at this difficult time.

Read the co-authored paper from the British Academy of Audiology and the British Tinnitus Association here:

Tinnitus Training Modules

The BAA and BTA have worked together to create some Tinnitus Training modules for audiology professionals. Have a look at what is covered here.

British Tinnitus Association

Information and support for patients, clients and professionals is still available from the BTA, during Covid-19.

Visit their website or call the Tinnitus Support Team: 0800 018 0527