Dementia and considerations for the clinical environment

The webinar ‘Dementia and considerations for the clinical environment’ featured Dr Jenna Littlejohn from ManCAD and Deafness Support Network and Jack Bennett from Interacoustics. The session started with an update, from Sue Falkingham, on recent BAA Board and committee work to support members during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Beyond the screen: Best practice for working with your tinnitus patient remotely

Following the move by the NHS to do more online patient appointments, Debbie Featherstone, a dual qualified Hearing Therapist and Psychotherapist and specialist in Tinnitus Management, shared her best practice advice from many years of experience of interacting with tinnitus patients online. Her webinar also included recent research about her online CBT clinic. You can find out more about Debbie’s work in our webinar from the BAA Online series in 2020.

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Tinnitus: decision aids and NICE guidance

Our second webinar on Tinnitus features Declan Murphy who presents his research paper, ‘An effective-decision making aid for patients with tinnitus: A retrospective review of 205 patients’. (May, 2020)

Declan was then joined by Veronica Kennedy, David Stockdale and Julie Brady for a panel discussion about the NICE Guidance on Tinnitus: assessment and management.

Read Declan’s research: Tinnitus decision aid research

Access the NICE Tinnitus Guidance here

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