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 So why join the BAA as a student member?
  • Belong to a network of trusted professionals and students UK wide
  • Student section of the quarterly BAA magazine
  • Updates on student matters through our new blog and the horizon newsletter
  • FREE regional BAA Meeting attendance
  • Use of all of the online resources.
  • Discounted price on annual conference tickets
  • Be provided with information on jobs in both the NHS and private sector
  • And constant contact with the team via admin@baaudiology.org
  • What more could you need!!
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Student Membership is open to:

Student membership is available to any applicants who are undertaking a BAA recognised structured Audiology course which leads to an Audiology qualification. Student membership is available to medical students/foundation doctors and trainee nurses with an interest in Audiology.
Student membership rates are available to an individual for a maximum of 5 years within their membership of BAA. This may be continuous from the start of initial training i.e., an apprenticeship or interrupted in the case of a FULL member who later undertakes further studies to gain an extended qualification supporting career progression. Membership as a student will be granted on the production of confirmation of registration on the course and provided an applicant has not reached the threshold of 5 years as a student member. Previous full or affiliate BAA members should be aware if applying for student membership that the benefits received will align to those available for students only.
Student membership will last for the length of the training course or up to the 5th year that a member has enjoyed student membership.
Upon completion of the training course and before 31st December of that year of graduation/course completion, membership is then upgraded to full membership at half the normal fee. It is expected that registration to a regulatory body is obtained between graduation and 31st December for new students.
This advantageous fee is only available for the first year immediately following course completion.
It is the individual’s responsibility to ensure that they upgrade their membership as appropriate. If the BAA do not receive the necessary registration details by 1st January in the year following graduation, BAA will suspend their membership.
Members who take minimum of 6 months absence from work or who work part time are eligible for a 50% reduction in fees.

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So you know...........

Student membership will last until the 1st October in the year of your graduation. Affiliate membership should be taken from October 1st until membership to the appropriate registration body has been obtained. You will be contacted in the August of your graduation to remind you that you need to upgrade your membership status. When membership to the appropriate registration body has been confirmed you will be eligible to upgrade to Full membership. It is your responsibility to ensure that you upgrade your membership as appropriate. If the BAA do not receive the necessary registration details by January 1st in the year following your graduation, BAA will suspend your  membership.

Also, Applicants who have previously completed any other Audiology qualification such as a BSc, PTP, MSc or BAAT course which allows you to work autonomously in the field of Audiology will not be eligible for student membership 

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