Board Lead – Education, Accreditation and Registration

Tim graduated from the BSc (Hons) Audiology at the University of Manchester in 2007.  Prior to that he worked as an IC Design Engineer (digital electronics “chip” design) but changed direction to Audiology having been attracted by the people-focused healthcare, and training aspects, of the profession.  Following Audiology graduation in 2007, he continued his career at the University of Manchester by undertaking a PhD followed by a period of employment as a post-doctoral researcher.  He is now a fulltime Lecturer there.  He teaches many aspects of the undergraduate BSc (Hons) Healthcare Science Audiology programme which he now leads as Programme Director.

In recent years, through his role in education, he has also obtained teaching qualifications.  In 2015 he graduated with a post-graduate certificate of higher education (PGCert HE), and in 2019 obtained senior fellowship of the higher education academy.

His teaching, and leadership in teaching, allow him to demonstrate his passion both for audiology, and teaching.  He brings unique innovations into teaching by drawing upon his past engineering knowledge and skills in digital technology, including software programming.

He is now involved in the wider sphere of audiology education through his role on the BAA board.