Having joined the BAA board back in Nov 2014, my time has been interesting, enjoyable and exciting; exciting because we continue to improve and find new ways to support our members and help develop the profile of our valued profession. My role with Boots Hearingcare as Director of Professional Standards keeps me very busy but I have always been and always will be very happy to stretch my day to ensure that I can dedicate the time required to support BAA.

We know change is happening with the introduction of innovative new technology and service models which open up opportunities that perhaps as a profession we haven’t had access to previously. Never has it been more important to unite our voices across audiology, review our services and ensure the public receive the right information, access and are seen by the right people for the right care without waiting. We understand how important hearing is to our sensory health, development and wellbeing, so how do we help everyone else to understand this and expand audiology provision.

Over my tenure with BAA Board and more recently having been appointed Vice President, and now President, I have committed to use my 30+ years of cross sector experience and to continue to understand the emerging health care landscapes and workforce demands to ensure BAA can proactively support the audiology profession. I am looking forward to continuing to work collaboratively with Board and members to bring you a strategy fit for purpose for now and tomorrow.