Lyfja Hearing Services

Lyfja, in partnership with otolaryngologist Jens Kristján Guðmundsson, is looking to hire an Audiologist for Lyfja’s hearing services. Lyfja is the largest pharmacy group in Iceland and has recently launched Iceland’s first retail hearing experience, Lyfja Heyrn. We are growing the team with plans to expand the hearing experience centers throughout Iceland. We are therefore looking to hire talented Audiologists to join this exciting operation.

Our Audiologists provide analysis, counselling and help with a selection of assistive devices to people with hearing loss and hearing disorders.

Some information you might find useful

  • We are currently working with Phonak Hearing Aids, and as we are a new operation, we are always researching to expand with other hearing aid companies! With your experience we will be able to learn about the types of devices you have been using and ensure we expand our range to suit the market here in Iceland.
  • The equipment we use is the Primus audiometer from auditdata and Entomed tympanometer from auditdata, Otoscan from Natus. We perform full range hearing test and hearing aid fitting, including equipment to perform real ear measurements.
  • We work in very modern facilities based on the world of hearing store concept from Sonova, so we have bright modern stores and offices, where we lower the barrier for people to drop by and experience what hearing aids they may need. Making the experience smooth and comfortable for everyone that drops by.
  • We also pay well for global market standards, and on average salaries can be 50% more than an Audiologist would earn in other countries
  • Making the move to Iceland might seem difficult due to the language barriers, however it’s OK to speak English plus Icelandic lessons will be provided.

Here are some principal tasks 

  • Audiometric testing and diagnosis of people with hearing impairments in collaboration with an otolaryngologist
  • Advise on therapeutic treatment for rehabilitation and prevention
  • Hearing aid fitting, tuning and instructions of use
  • Follow-up on treatment results

It would be great if you have the following: 

  • A university degree in audiology and valid professional certification
  • Work experience as an audiologist is preferable
  • A service-oriented attitude and communication skills
  • Reliability, ambition and organised working methods

This opportunity will be based in Reykjavík, and we are accepting applications from people who are not currently based in Iceland. However, we will be assessing every application against the requirements for visa and relocation required to bring the potential applicants to Iceland. Please only apply if a move to Iceland is possible for you, taking into account whether your personal situation is viable for a relocation. Relocation could be on a short or long term basis, we are open for the right candidate.

We endeavour to reply to all who apply, however cannot guarantee a reply if the initial assessment doesn’t match the skills required.

If you require further information, you are welcome to email