Can you help the AHCS who need STP equivalence assessors?

The STP Equivalence process involves the assessment of a portfolio as a specialist assessor, followed by an interview normally conducted using Microsoft Teams video-conferencing system, comprising a Specialist Assessor, Professional Assessor/Moderator and a Lay Assessor.

The assessment of a portfolio usually takes between one and two hours, and the interview process takes a maximum of two hours, including pre and post panel meetings. The assessment process is conducted online and support is provided by our Equivalence Administrator.

Assessment is made against the Standards set out in the AHCS’ Good Scientific Practice, with reference to the outcomes of the Scientist Training Programme accredited by the National School for Healthcare Science.

Assessors are normally on the HCPC Clinical Scientist register, from an appropriate specialism, in good standing with their regulator and professional body, and currently working at an appropriate level.

Assessors do not receive a fee or salary, but the Academy reimburses all reasonable expenses as outlined in their Policy, where applicable. Training is provided ahead of the first assessment, currently via a one-on-one video call, and refresher training is also provided.

They also have equivalence processes at Practitioner and Higher Specialist Scientist levels.

The AHCS are grateful to the support they receive from their assessors and the crucial role they play in enabling the equivalence processes to function.

Would you consider becoming an STP Equivalence assessor for the Academy, or suggest someone else who might be interested?

The process for becoming an assessor currently involves:

  • supplying  a copy of your CV
  • AHCS review the CV and contact your professional body or the relevant AHCS Professional Group Lead to endorse your appointment as an assessor
  • Once confirmed, AHCS require you to sign  their Code of Conduct form and Contract
  • undertake training, as detailed above.

If interested, please contact including your CV as highlighted above.