In 2020, the BAA board of directors made a commitment to review all aspects of our professional body regarding Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility.

To start the journey, our Vice President took the lead on forming a new committee around EDI and invited any member of the BAA to join this committee. This is still an open invitation and members are welcome to join at any point.

Our next action was to call on the services of an EDI consultant to set us off in the right direction. Jill Scott advised that before we did much else, we really need to understand who our members are.

Therefore, our first two objectives were to 1) change our sign-up questions for members to better understand our member profile and 2) create a survey to find out more about our current membership.

The membership sign up is currently being updated by our IT support team, so when members next login they can provide a little more information about themselves (if they wish to). And our membership survey is now ready for you to complete.

Our membership survey is very important to us as it will hopefully give us data about our members which has neither been sought nor collected until now. We are conscious that other professional bodies and membership organisations are asking very similar questions, and you may have already answered these questions once or twice before, but we would really appreciate any time you can give to the BAA survey.

Amongst other outcomes, we hope the survey will help us to investigate training opportunities regarding Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, to hold broad discussions to understand lived experiences of inequality and to work to better include those who are under-represented in our industry.

We would like to thank you in advance, for your time in helping to ensure the BAA better reflects the audiology profession of today.

Please complete the BAA EDIA Survey here: Membership survey

We appreciate some of these questions maybe difficult for some of our members to answer. If any of the questions in the survey upset you, please talk to someone you trust about it or seek support from a professional organisation such as:

Whilst there might not seem to have been much public activity around the survey or our work around Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Accessibility, we can assure you there has been lots of work going on in the background. We are in the process of planning the next steps of our journey and we are looking at a number of ways to ensure our members get a chance to feed into the conversations about our actions and commitments moving forward. Every Heads of Service and members’ webinar will include reports on recent EDI activities and articles will be included in the magazine. It’s important to us that our members feel empowered to contribute to these conversations and have a voice, so please contact us at anytime through