The Board is the executive body of the BAA. Sitting under the Board are several committees with specific terms of reference. These committees are:-

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

BAA’s goal is to be a strong voice for all audiologists and to support all audiologists as professionals. Board has acknowledged the need to improve access, representation, and participation for all minority groups in the work of the BAA. The EDI team has been formed to help progress this important work for BAA, its members and the wider audiology profession.


The Conference team is lead by Conference Board Lead, Susannah Goggins.

Early Professionals

We represent early-career Audiologists at BAA.

Our mission: ensure the profession considers it’s future brilliant Audiologists in each decision, policy, consultation and strategy.

Saira heads up this team and feeds the EP voice into board meetings. Student and EP members link in virtually and we are always looking for more support and discussion of the issues that are important to you.

To sign up please contact

Education, Accreditation and Registration

The BAA Education, Accreditation and Registration team act as the advisory body to the Board of Directors of the British Academy of Audiology (BAA) on matters related to standards of academic professional education, clinical competence and practice in Great Britain and Northern Ireland. To achieve this, the duties of the committee shall be to act as the professional reference body for the accreditation of education and training of non-medical audiologists working in the United Kingdom.

Service Quality Committee

The BAA service quality committee provides professional guidance in all aspects of quality in audiological assessment, diagnostic and rehabilitative pathways for children and adults in the United Kingdom.

The main objectives of the team are:

To set, maintain, promote and improve clinical service.
To set standards, write protocols and disseminate them into practice.
To encourage evaluation and auditing of service quality.
To support local/national quality initiatives.
To advise BAA and other stakeholders on associated quality issues regarding the provision of paediatric and adult assessment, diagnostic and rehabilitative services.

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Publicity & Communication team

The Publicity and Communication team are responsible for the communication channels of the BAA. The website, magazine, e-newsletter, leaflets and other materials all come under our remit. The key aim is to publicise the BAA to audiology professionals, other health professionals and the public.