Currently undertaking the HTS Vestibular Assessment and Rehabilitation MSc qualifications.

Audiology is an under-represented career and — for many of us — a bit of a gamble to come into. However, I’ve personally found it to be an incredibly rewarding and fulfilling role for my skillset and interests. It’s a shame that it was so difficult to have known this in advance. I would love to work with the committee to give Audiology more visibility, but also to provide more information for the various career options available to fellow early professionals. As the future of Audiology, it falls on us to not only grow the profession, but also to ensure that the voices of Audiologists are heard in the world of healthcare science.

I am an Audiologist and NHS Ambassador for Health Education England where I try to present audiology as a career option for secondary school and sixth form students. I also have a keen interest in research, having published a meta-analysis on tinnitus, poster-presented it at the last BAA conference, and recently completed a textbook chapter on the Neuroinflammatory Model of Tinnitus.