BAA chose to partner with the Ida Institute in November 2018 to strengthen our focus on person-centred care and provide unique opportunities to BAA members in partnership with Ida.

Ida’s mission is to advance a person-centred approach to hearing care. They believe that understanding the whole person is key to successful hearing rehabilitation. In collaboration with academics, professionals, and people with hearing loss around the world, Ida develops tools and resources that help hearing care professionals sharpen their counselling skills and deliver care based on the unique needs and life situations of each of their clients. BAA have partnered with Ida to promote their work and online continuing professional development opportunities for BAA members.

During BAA Conference in 2018 Louise Hickson PHD presented a lecture on family-centred care.

Professor Hickson is currently a member of the Ida Advisory  Board, Head of the School of Health and Rehabilitation   Sciences and Co-Director of the Communication Disability   Centre at The University of Queensland, Australia.

The Key Learning Objectives of Professor Hickson’s Lecture were:

• Describe key benefits of family-centred hearing care for adult patients and their families

• Explain important barriers and facilitators to successful implementation of family-centred hearing care

• Use the evidence to develop strategies to implement family-centred hearing services for adult patients and their families

"I hope you enjoy this online training and look forward to sharing more of this type of content with members soon." Sue Falkingham, BAA President

Ida Activities

Activity One: Watch the 30-minute lecture

I hope after watching the lecture you will be interested in learning more about person-centred care and this is where Ida can take over for you.

If you visit the Ida Institute you can create a free learning account and join the community. To join click the Sign In button on the top right of the page and choose Join Us to set up an account. The accounts are free.

Activity Two: Complete the introduction to PCC online module

I would like to suggest that the best way to continue this journey in person-centred care is to take the Learning Hall module on Getting Started with Person-Centred Care. Or by clicking on “Learning Hall” from the main menu at

At the end of the course you will be able to continue your learning to become an Inspired by Ida Clinician or just reflect on your learning from the two activities you have completed and keep that for your CPD Portfolio.

Activity 3: Continue to become an Inspired by Ida Professional


Inspired by Ida

Inspired by Ida is a free program from the Ida Institute that aims to advance person-centred care in audiology.

The program offers training to practitioners and clinics in how to apply person-centred methods and tools. By completing the program, they receive the Inspired by Ida label – a benchmark of quality that signals their dedication to person-centred care.

Hearing care professionals who are part of the Inspired by Ida program have completed the Getting Started with Person-Centred Care and the Client Engagement and Ida Motivation Tools courses. By signing the Inspired by Ida Code of Ethics, they have also declared their commitment to providing the best hearing care possible based on mutual dialogue and understanding between the hearing care professional and their client.

What are the benefits?

  • Enables people with hearing loss to identify practitioners and clinics who are trained in person-centred methods and skills
  • Allows practitioners to upgrade their counselling skills and signal their commitment to person-centred care