Cochlear Implant Champion Scheme

The Cochlear Implant (CI) Champion scheme is a joint initiative with BAA and BCIG and was launched in 2019. The aim of the scheme is to ensure that all eligible adults and children, and their families, are well-informed about cochlear implants and are offered a timely referral.


Why do we need the scheme?

The referral guidelines have widened, benefits demonstrated, and yet those with a CI remain low!

  • CI recipients experience improvements compared with hearing aid only or no treatment, in terms of: speech perception, educational and employment opportunities, and quality of life
  • CIs have been shown to be cost effective
  • However, use of CIs in eligible adults is as low as 5% globally* and predicted to be as low as 7% in the UK
  • Duration of hearing loss before CI is increasing over time
  • Low awareness of CI as a treatment option
  • Low awareness of CI candidacy criteria 


How can the CI Champion Scheme help?

  • Improve communication between referring and implant teams
  • Promote shared care between teams to ensure patients have a smooth and timely transition from HA to CI (if they want it).
  • Audit, to understand training needs and drive changes in clinical practice. 
  • Training focussing on candidacy and referral
  • Peer-support to help colleagues develop and revaluate their practice
  • A national change, driven by referring audiologists.

Our aim is to have a CI Champion in every UK Audiology Department, both adult and paediatric, and both NHS and Private. Their local CI Mentor supports the CI Champions in their local CI Centre.

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