I started my career as a Physiological measurement technician (PMT) at the London Hospital in 1987.  I completed BTEC & HTEC in MPPM and BAAT 1&2, before moving into private practice in London.  I then moved back to the NHS at the Whittington Hospital, before finally settling at Basildon, where I have been since 1994. I took a year out in 2001 to undertake an MSc at ISVR, which was an amazing experience to have.  I am currently Head of service for adult, children’s and newborn hearing at Basildon Hospital, which has just merged into Mid and south Essex NHS group. Aside from being a clinical service lead, and am also required to be part of the Surgical Division management team which means I regularly look after beds, theatres, etc. a very different world from Audiology!  I was part of the ASG for over a decade, being part of an amazing group which works hard in the background to bring strong hearing aid technology to the NHS within the NHS framework agreement. I am also part of the Veterans Hearing Fund panel for The Royal British Legion and participate on the Professional affairs group for RCCP.

I absolutely love my profession, we provide such an amazing level of care for our patients which can be both life changing for patients and rewarding for us.  I still love seeing patients when I can, and still feel excitement about new developments, technology and innovation.  Clinically, whilst enjoying hearing aid work, I mainly focus on Vestibular work (or did pre COVID!)  I am someone who always wants to challenge the status quo, look and learn from others who are doing something different and innovative, and am naturally curious about what is out there”

In my personal life, I recently remarried, and relocated to Suffolk where I am often found up a scaffold painting, filling a skip or weeding the garden as we renovate our (very old) new home.