I started my Audiology journey at the University of Manchester in 2005; completing my MSc, CCC and CAC by 2009. During and after my training, I have had the privilege of working in a number of excellent NHS Audiology departments over a period of around 12 years learning so much from my colleagues and friends.

I was clinical lead at a regional cochlear implant programme until recently moving into a new role with Advanced Bionics; supporting implant candidates and recipients, raising awareness about cochlear implants, collaborating with hearing aid manufacturers and audiological care providers, and supporting the BAA/BCIG CI Champions scheme. I also regularly teach on the BSc and MSc courses at the University of Manchester on the subject of cochlear implants.

I am passionate about progressing the EDI agenda within our profession; to improve access, representation and participation for all.

Outside of Audiology I love to bake (and eat!) cakes and luckily also enjoy a good run to work it all off!