Specialist Audiologist at Chime Social Enterprise in Exeter, Devon.

I have completed two audiology degrees in Italy. The first gave me the clinical knowledge to manage and treat patients from the audiological and vestibular point of view, while the second gave me knowledge about commercial clinical practice.

I started working as a commercial audiologist in my home country, and worked in that role for two and half years. Last year, I decided to move to the UK, motivated by a willingness to pursue new experiences and opportunities.

My first experience in the UK was working as a senior audiologist with Chime. This gave me the opportunity to find my place in this new world and discover how I could help make it better. This role has helped improve my confidence and clinical skills, and I have been fortunate enough to move to a new role within the vestibular and specialist adult team.

In my current role, I work with patients with balance problems, as well as those with complex needs and severe to profound hearing losses.


I’m proud to be part of the BAA and will endeavour to use my experience to help develop the audiology community in the South West.