AIHHP, BAA, BSA and BSHAA continue to work together to ensure the Audiology and Otology Guidance during COVID-19 document is up to date. The January revision of the document is now available to download.

A few amendments have been made for January 2021 and we would encourage you to re-read the guidance to ensure you continue to practice safely. The vaccine roll out does not remove the need for the strict adherence to Infection Prevention Control, use of PPE and social distancing.

Considering the guidance revision and the more virulent strain of Covid-19, you should review the risk assessment of your service.

We continue to advise professionals work to Stage D of the Clinical Activity Guidance Table in Appendix 9. Please note the nomenclature of the table has been revised to remove confusion with government levels.

Download the updated guidance here: Audiology and Otology Guidance during COVID19 January 2021