Following a review with NHS Supply Chain (NHSSC), the BAA is refreshing the Audiology Supplies Group (ASG) and seeks expressions of interest from those who feel they could contribute to this committee.

NHS Supply Chain (NHSSC) manages the sourcing, delivery and supply of healthcare products for NHS trusts and healthcare organisations across England and Wales, including hearing aids and custom ear moulds. The NHSSC Hearing Aids and Custom Ear Moulds framework is divided into various lots and results in one of the largest hearing aid contracts in the world by unit volume.

As part of the NHSCC contract process, the British Academy of Audiology (BAA) provides professional support and guidance to the tender and evaluation process for devices. While all decisions remain the NHS Supply Chain, this support and guidance is achieved by BAA through the Audiology Supplies Group (ASG).


  • To assist and give guidance to NHS Supply Chain on the specification of audiology devices for NHS contracts and tenders
  • To evaluate new devices on behalf of NHS Supply Chain to ensure they are fit for purpose.


The work of ASG mainly runs in tender cycles of 3 – 5 years. There is a steady workload over the course of the contract, with significantly more at the start of each contract cycle and during evaluation periods.


The ASG will consist of a maximum of 6 members for the BAA, one of whom will be the Chair, and one of whom will be the BAA Board member with responsibility for Service Quality. NHS Supply Chain may nominate as many people as they consider appropriate to sit on the group on their behalf.

Ideally, the ASG membership should include people from multiple stakeholders who may be involved in working with audiological technology from Supply Chain (including hearing aid users, and educational audiologists).

  • Members will be elected based on their knowledge and expertise. If a group is under-represented within BAA, it may be appropriate to take ‘positive action’; (i.e. if 2 applicants appear equally able for the role, the committee may agree it would be beneficial to select the applicant from a group that is under-represented, but it must be provable that they are at least equally able to meet the committee’s specifications). BAA is committed to ensuring its committees are representative and diverse.
  • Members must declare any conflict of interest annually, in accordance with the BAA Conflict of Interest policy. However, due to the nature of ASG’s work, there will also be a requirement to complete a further, more detailed conflict of interest form and possibly a non-disclosure agreement. Conflicts of Interest must be declared at each meeting, should it be relevant to that meeting’s agenda, and will be disclosed to both Supply Chain and Manufacturers.
  • Members who work for hearing aid / equipment manufacturers are not eligible to be members of ASG. Where any doubt exists, the full employment details will be provided to the BAA Board for clarification, who will make an ultimate decision.
  • Members must have a clinical background in audiology, with experience of fitting hearing aids to adults or children, or other experience relevant to their role on the group.
  • No more than one member of ASG may be appointed per employer (for the avoidance of doubt, for the NHS this is per trust). Ideally, members should cover a large geographical area to ensure input from across the country, with membership from all nations of the UK welcome.
  • Members will hold appropriate membership of BAA, with the exclusion of a lay person, if appointed. The committee has the power to co-opt non-members for specific purposes, where appropriate, and with the approval of the Board. However, co-opted members are not allowed to vote.


All appointed members of the committee will be invited to serve initially for 3 consecutive years.

To ensure continuity, members may be invited to extend their term for 3 years.

Following this, the member will be required to step down from the committee for 2 years before they can re-apply to join

Meetings shall be quorate when more than 50% of current committee members, excluding co-opted members, together with either the board director or chair, are present.

Committee members are expected to attend meetings regularly. Failure to attend 3 consecutive meetings will lead to the member being asked to reconsider/withdraw their membership.


The committee will normally meet quarterly, or more often if required. Meetings may be virtual or face-to-face.


We are looking for people with:

  • A minimum of 3 years experience in Audiology
  • A keen interest in hearing aids and assistive devices
  • Knowledge and understanding of test box and REM measurements

Previous members of ASG who have served the two term limit (6 years) should not apply.

If you would like to apply, please complete and return this ASG Application Form, for the attention of the SQC Board Lead, to: