BAA Board recognises its lack of diversity. We need to understand how we can rectify the issues identified. What is clear is that we do need to do more. We should first seek to understand the issues raised by our colleagues.

It would not be appropriate for Board to give an immediate response to all the issues mentioned. Without engagement, listening and taking guidance, we do not have the answers. We can commit to engage, to listen and to seek advice. We need to learn from those who have a proven track record with diversity. We need to then act to improve awareness, training, policy and actions.

BAA rely on members volunteering their time to be a Board Director. We encourage all members at any stage in their career to volunteer. We seek participation in Board elections, committees, conference abstract submissions and more. We want and need to encourage a more diverse representation of members in all areas of BAA work.

We plan to have a diversity professional work with us at the Board meeting in July. Before then, we would welcome insights to support us with this important issue. We commit to take action and we will do this as soon as possible. We want to make sure our pledges and actions are meaningful. They must be achievable and make a difference for our profession.

Only this way, can we start to address the issues raised – as a Board, a professional body and as a wider profession.

BAA Board


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