Are you passionate about Audiology? Would you like to play a more active role locally, nationally?

The BAA Regional Group network is run by a team of enthusiastic volunteers who represent specific areas in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and England. The aim of this dedicated group of audiology professionals, with the help of Board Directors, is to provide local support to BAA members and arrange periodic meetings offering easily accessible training and education. Regional meetings also provide a platform for local audiologists, supported by their rep, to feedback to the Board on any local issues.

Being a Regional Representative gives you access to additional training opportunities, such as the Ida Person-Centred Care Champion scheme. Along with building your Audiology and people skills, it is a great personal development opportunity and adds a valuable contribution to your CPD portfolio. You will also benefit from networking opportunities and engagement with fellow Audiologists across the UK and on BAA Board.

We need new volunteers for:

  • Northern Ireland to work alongside Mandy
  • London to work alongside Jack
  • Anglia to assist Sam, and
  • The South West to replace representatives recently stepped down

Please call 01625 290046 or email: to express your interest.