The BSI Group is looking for new members to join the BSI committee EH/1/1 Acoustics – hearing, to participate in the development of standards in this field.

There are currently 5 international standards in development, in ISO (International Standards Organisation) and BSI (British Standards Institution), which provides the UK input to these. These fall into the following working groups (WGs):

WG 1 Threshold of hearing: ISO 1999 Acoustics — Estimation of noise-induced hearing loss

ISO/DIS 226 Acoustics — Normal equal-loudness-level contours

WG 9 Method for calculating loudness level: ISO 532-3 Acoustics — Methods for calculating loudness — Part 3: Moore-Glasberg-Schlittenlacher method

WG 10 Hearing aid fitting management: ISO 7820 Acoustics — Tele Hearing Aid Fitting Management

WG 17 Methods of measurement of sound attenuation of hearing protectors: ISO 4869-7 Acoustics — Hearing protectors — Part 7: Method to measure the response of hearing protectors with high-level impulse noise on an acoustic test fixture

BSI are looking for experts for all these groups (although ISO 532-3 is nearing the end and should be published at the end of this year).

The BSI Pocket Guide to Standard Development can be downloaded here in case you’d like to know more about the process.

You can apply here